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Specialized Roubaix - In Purgatory

I’m painting a well-loved Specialized Roubaix with over 21,000 miles for Bill D. He got a hold of me from a shop I sent the repainted Trek fork. The bike was in great shape with some bumps and bruises. He left me to design a paint scheme, but something in a more simple, understated fashion. No problem.


The shop managed to get the Zertz Inserts out of the frame which was cool. The BB cable guide was stuck- or so they thought. Tried as I might, I got it off but in two pieces accidentally.



I was able to pull out a lot of dimples and wrinkles in the frame so it will end up looking much smoother than before. But now the frame is in purgatory, awaiting its fate of a beautiful ascent. There’s a few more photos on flickr. Stay tuned for more of this and maybe even my Bishop road frame!